Fast Growth Package

Facebook Ad Management

Instagram Ad Management

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Custom Landing Page

Upon welcoming a new client, our foremost goal is to promptly and clearly showcase the value we provide as an agency. To accomplish this, we have scrupulously curated a comprehensive package that incorporates all the vital elements required for a practice to significantly boost their patient volumes in a short span of time. These components work harmoniously together, generating a combined impact that surpasses the individual contributions of each element.

Our primary aim is to assist patients in discovering and developing an interest in your services through an engaging ad campaign that instantaneously grabs their attention. After they provide their information, our foremost priority is to promptly and efficiently follow up on each lead, employing automated systems for streamlined management. Finally, we meticulously design a customized landing page that presents information in a coherent and strategic manner, effectively converting curious prospects into devoted patients.

Components of the Fast Growth Package

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Facebook and Instagram Ads

In terms of social media advertising, Facebook and Instagram ads typically yield the most cost-effective patient acquisition compared to platforms like Yelp or Google AdWords. Additionally, these ad platforms provide the highest level of precision in targeting potential patients and offer valuable insights into the audience attracted to your practice.

Automated Lead Management

We will establish tailored lead management automations within our CRM software. Consider the scenario where your favorite celebrity becomes a lead. How would you handle their inquiry? We will automate that very process to ensure that every individual receives the utmost personalized attention and care, akin to a white-glove treatment.
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Customized Landing Page

As the leads you generate from your advertisements arrive at your landing page, the crucial objective is to transform their curiosity into genuine interest. This transformation occurs by delivering the necessary information in a visually captivating manner precisely when they require it. Collaboratively, we will create a powerful landing page that effectively converts visitors into committed patients, ensuring a seamless transition from curiosity to serious consideration.