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What Makes Social Media Significant?

Social media marketing enables precise targeting of potential patients based on various factors such as age, location, income level, profession, interests, and more. As a result, social media marketing often yields the lowest costs per patient acquisition (CPAs) due to its ability to reach highly specific and relevant audiences.

Social Media Marketing

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Facebook and Instagram Ads

In terms of social media advertising, Facebook and Instagram ads typically yield the most cost-effective patient acquisition compared to platforms like Yelp or Google AdWords. Additionally, these ad platforms provide the highest level of precision in targeting potential patients and offer valuable insights into the audience attracted to your practice.

Video Ads for Reels, TikTok, and YouTube

In just one day, our skilled video team can capture all the footage required for mid-length commercials, short-length ads, and daily social media content releases.

Our Approach to Advertising

Engaging Visuals

As individuals mindlessly scroll through their phones, the visual aspect of your ad must captivate their attention. Your ad has only a fraction of a second to stand out amidst the overwhelming flow of information that your target audience is accustomed to. Our expertise lies in crafting hooks that momentarily disrupt their mindless scrolling, igniting curiosity about your practice.

Compelling Narrative Presentation

With our highly skilled copywriters who excel in their field, we possess the knowledge of what truly resonates with the audience. Once your prospective patient is captivated by the visuals of your advertisement, our priority is to provide them with the precise information about your practice in a strategic sequence that successfully converts their curiosity into genuine interest. Our team specializes in crafting captivating narratives about your practice and the unique services you offer, compellingly drawing individuals into your world and inspiring them to become your patients.

Refined Videography

We offer video filming services in and around major metropolitan areas such as Greater Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, our video team has established connections in other cities and may be able to accommodate your requirements. If you are able to provide the video content, we can provide video editing and release services from any location. Our videography team possesses extensive experience in directing a wide range of projects, ranging from short-form ads to feature-length films.

Marketing Guided by Data Insights

Our team adopts a data-driven methodology when it comes to advertising. Once we identify your target audience and establish the relevant parameters, we prioritize ongoing optimization for Cost per Patient Acquisition (CPA). This involves continuous split testing and refinement. By employing a calculus of variations analysis, we aim to reach local minima for each campaign. Running multiple campaigns per month allows us to strive for a global minima in terms of CPA. Ultimately, this approach enables us to deliver an increased number of your ideal patients at the most cost-effective rates.

Automated Handling of Lead Responses

The likelihood of converting a new lead into a patient increases significantly when you respond within the first five minutes, compared to a ten-minute response time. In fact, the chances of conversion are 10 times higher with a prompt response, and waiting just an hour decreases the likelihood by 21 times. To maximize these conversion opportunities, we integrate your ad campaign with Social Elevation’s software, which automates follow-up phone calls, texts, emails, and voicemails to your leads. This automated approach dramatically enhances the probability of turning these leads into actual patients.

Brand Standards and Guidelines

We can guarantee adherence to your brand guidelines in all advertising efforts. In the event that you are a new practice without established brand guidelines, we are equipped to assist you in their development.